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You can speak to a real person here. Don't worry about waiting 2 weeks to get a one sentence response.

Your Ideas

While we have the experience to provide great websites, you know your industry best. We work together, period.


We prepare the "briefcase" so you can present it and be guaranteed to impress friends, family and of clients.


We help make you more visible so more people know who you are and why you're awesome.

Welcome to Moral Web Services

If you are looking for a web company that can provide you help with web design, hosting, maintenance and company infrastructure then you have arrived.

Now the question just becomes why should you choose us? Well we've experienced damn-near robbery when it comes to paying for web services which is why we started this website. We never want you to experience that. Here are two simple reasons to choose MWS:

  • We do not lie and offer false promises to get your money.
  • We actually do work, show you what we did and explain why it was done.

What’s New?

  • Beginner’s Guide to SEO
    SEO has become some sort of mystical magic in many ways. A lot of clients feel they need SEO experts.
  • MWS Marketing Help
    If your business is not online then it is stuck behind the times. These days more and more people are.